Korean Delight : Red Bean Glutinous Rice Cakes


I have always been a big fan of mochis.  I was very happy when we were gifted a box of red bean glutinous rice cakes during our visit to Seoul. 

"Happy Bakery"

That's the name of the bakery. I have never visited their store but the glutinous rice cakes from this bakery are so out of this world that I felt the need to blog them. The rice cake part has just enough chewiness in my opinion. They are a little firmer than Japanese mochis but each chewy bite is very satisfying. Each rice cake has the most generous amount of filling in any mochis I have ever had. 

Generous red bean filling in the rice cake
The red bean filling is very delicious and is a mix of red bean paste and red bean pieces. These red bean rice cakes are easily one the best "mochis" I have ever had. If you a fan of mochis, I strongly recommend visiting their stores. There are two locations. One is in Seoul and the other is in Gwacheon. Visit their website at http://happybakery.co.kr for more information. They offer a good variety of bakery items.

Beautiful gift box.

Their website.

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