A Taste of Paris : Day 1 - San Francisco to Paris, SIM Card, Montmartre, Monoprix

Charles De Gaulle Airport Paris France


Air France Meal
Our flight from San Francisco to Paris started on a Sunday afternoon. We were very pleased with the Air France non-stop, economy-class flight from San Francisco to Paris. The legroom was great and the seat was spacious. The food that they served was quite good too. We decided to watch French comedy movies during our flight and they did not disappoint! 

Once we landed, going through immigration was a breeze and so was getting our luggages. We then headed out of the secure area to get our SIM cards. We went to the information desk to find out where the Relay store was. The one we went to was next to the Marks & Spencer Food store. We got the Orange Holiday, the European prepaid SIM card as shown below. It costs €40 and includes 10 GB of 4G data, 2 hours of calling and 1000 text messages from Europe to the world. It can be used all over Europe and it is good for our week-long trip because it is valid for 14 days and 10 GB of data was plenty for our GPS needs. We installed our SIM cards immediately and headed out to get a cab. There is a designated area for taxicabs. There we got in line to get a cab.

The Relay Store at Charles De Gaulle Airport Paris France
Relay store at the airport


It took about 40 minutes to get to our hotel which is in the Saint Lazare area. We could not be happier to find out that the hotel was extremely close to the Saint Lazare Train Station and Métro Station. They are literally behind our hotel (2-minute walk). We were very happy with the hotel. The staff was wonderful and let us check in early. Our room was clean, bright, and spacious and had a big bathroom equipped with anti-fog mirrors. 

Hilton Paris Opera Hotel France
Our Bedroom at Hilton Paris Opera 

MONTMARTRE - Le Grenier à Pain

Since the day was still young, we started to explore the neighborhood near the hotel. We headed towards the Montmartre area for our first bakery stop, Le Grenier à Pain. It was a 25-minute walk from Hilton Paris Opera. We tried their chocolate croissant, fougasse, and ficelle apéro, all of which were great.

Delicious pastries at Le Grenier à Pain Paris France
Savory pastries at Le Grenier à Pain

The walk back to the hotel was a pleasure. We passed by many beautiful small shops. One of them was a flower shop that had a very nice display of flowers in the front. We also passed by an À La Mère De Famille shop, known as the oldest chocolate and candy shop in Paris. The window display was very nice and the chocolates were excellent.

Beautiful Flowers in front of the Flower Shop

À la Mère de Famille Chocolate Shop, Paris, France
The Oldest Chocolate and Candy Shop in Paris.

À la Mère de Famille Chocolate Shop, Paris, France
Delicious Window Display at À La Mère De Famille


Our last stop on our way back to the hotel was Monoprix. This supermarket was a 5-minute walk from the hotel. It is located in a nice shopping area with lots of dining options. You can get ready-to-eat food such as salads, sandwiches, pastries and deli items at Monoprix. We bought our bottled water and amazing freshly squeezed orange juice there.

Monoprix Supermarket, Paris, France
The deli section at Monoprix

Monoprix Retail Store, Paris, France
Fresh Orange Juice Machine at Monoprix

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